Student Showcase Videos

Semester 3

Record player. Flying cat. Rocket ship. Maseratis. Fighter Jet. Vintage diner. Space station. Cola can house. Jacob lightning conjurer. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Dragon’s cave. Monkey with banana. Websites of all shapes and sizes. Sports cars. Massive castles. FA-22 Raptor jet. Maze mini-games.

Semester 2

Playable snake. Wonders of the world. Red sun. Human adversary. Giants. Egyptian wilderness. Monkey temple. Undersea paradise. Soccer matches. Tiny player. Resplendent shrines. Vast cave. Tropical treehouses. Pet lions.

Semester 1

Egyptian temples. Sci-fi vehicle. Huge pyramids. Horse statue. Scarab beetles. Convertible. Ornate vases. Ancient arena. Deadly cobras. Treasure-seekers. Sunny labyrinth.

Here's an overview of the courses featured in the videos:

In Intro to Game Programming, the students created a 3D version of the game PacMan. The game is set in ancient Egypt complete with cobras, scarab beetle treasures, and temple mazes.

In the Intro to 3D Computer Graphics course, the students created objects and buildings to place in a virtual Egyptian world. Each student constructed a pyramid, designed and built a temple, as well as created a model of their own choice.

In 3D Computer Graphics II, the students enhanced their skills in 3D modeling with larger scale projects. The students also worked with advanced features and the basics of animation.

In the Digital Photo & Image Editing course, the students learned how to retouch, modify, and create images while making a collage, colorizing a sketch, and compositing other 2D creations.

In Website Development in WordPress, student's created websites covering a wide variety of subjects; projects ranged from game review sites to a blog on politics to informational sites about piano and trumpet.