We’ve taught three semesters of middle/high school technology classes ranging from game programming to 2D & 3D graphics. Currently Tech Academy is taking a break, but it will return! In the meantime, have a look at photo gallery, student work showcase videos, and details on our courses.

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Sally McGovern, Parent
"My son greatly enjoyed the 3-D graphics class and spent many hours at home “learning” Blender. The information and skills he was able to learn will help him in engineering school."
Mary I.Parent
"I think the biggest thing my son has gained from your classes is confidence. [My son] is not a traditionally academic student. Before we started home-schooling, he did not have much success in school. He knows that his grades are not going to be what gets him in the door at a college, so he's been trying to figure out how he can get accepted into a college with his mediocre grades. Your class inspired him to work on creating a portfolio of different projects. He feels like he has an 'edge' and a head-start towards his goal."
Marcy L.Parent
"Love the style of instruction, enthusiasm of the instructors. I wish there were more of this type of classes offered for homeschoolers that love computers like my son does!
Thank you!"
Mike Brookens, Student
"The Dugans are highly knowledgeable in many technological subjects. With their help I was able to complete several large projects which I would never have even dreamed of doing before the class. I went from thinking that modeling a vase was difficult to being able to model, texture, and rig a rather realistic dragon!"
Jennifer N. Parent
"My son has taken three classes with Honor Education (Comp. Game Prog. + 3D Graphics I + II) and has learned so much in each one. The instructors do their best to be available to assist the students even outside of the normal class time and are enthusiastic about the subjects they teach."
"I have taken three classes at Honor Education Tech Academy, and I love their classes. I very much appreciate the fact that if you ask they will help you with any problem you're having."
Jacob S, Student
"This class was really fun! Anyone who likes making stuff on the computer will love it!"