Semester 3

Record player. Flying cat. Rocket ship. Maseratis. Fighter Jet. Vintage diner. Space station. Cola can house. Jacob lightning conjurer. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Dragon’s cave. Monkey with banana. Websites of all shapes and sizes. Sports cars. Massive castles. FA-22 Raptor jet. Maze mini-games.

Semester 2

Playable snake. Wonders of the world. Red sun. Human adversary. Giants. Egyptian wilderness. Monkey temple. Undersea paradise. Soccer matches. Tiny player. Resplendent shrines. Vast cave. Tropical treehouses. Pet lions.

Semester 1

Egyptian temples. Sci-fi vehicle. Huge pyramids. Horse statue. Scarab beetles. Convertible. Ornate vases. Ancient arena. Deadly cobras. Treasure-seekers. Sunny labyrinth.