Apr '10 First News Article

It all started with a contest, a flier in a pizzeria, and a reporter who was adventurous enough to encourage us . . .

Jun '10 Establishment

Honor Education, LLC officially dotted the i's and cross the t's on June 11th, 2010.

Aug '10 First Official Headquarters

We got our first office at the Student Venture Lab in the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center.

Sep '10 Tech Academy Began

We test drove the team by teaching tech classes to our favorite audience - kids and teens. We started out with just two classes, Intro to Game Programming and Intro 3D Computer Modeling.

Once we got rolling, we couldn't help but write our own course manual and integrate a video game aspect to both classes.

Nov '10 Won Our First Awards

At the Fort Wayne Business Weekly Innovation Awards, we won the 2010 Emerging Company award for our ideas on education, software, and the future.

Of course we were completely calm, cool, and collected, but later we unexpectedly won the top prize of the evening, the 2010 Innovator of the Year - at that point excitement overthrew that whole calm, cool, and collected thing.

Jan '11 Tech Academy Continues

We decide to do it all again and revamped our curriculum. We also doubled classes adding Digital Image Editing and 3D Computer Graphics II.

May'11 1st TV Appearance

Our Tech Academy classes snagged an entire 9 seconds of screen-time during a discussion on News Channel 15 about education as the key to success.

Sep '11 3rd Semester of Classes

We expand yet again with an extra Intro to 3D classes because of demand plus a Website Development in WordPress course.

'11 Software Trial and Error

While tackling college and running Tech Academy, we needed something to do with all our spare time. So we started exploring software development.

Since our company's inception, we were developing our ideas for educational games and decided it was time to start seriously playing with those concepts . . .

. . . which is when we discovered a few excellent ways NOT to make software.

Dec '11 Tech Academy Project Celebration

We celebrated 3 fantastic semesters of teaching Tech Academy with our students. We also began Tech Topic, an online community exclusively for our previous students, to encourage them to keep learning tech subjects.

Jan '12 Relocated

We relocated our company from Indiana to South Carolina. We love Fort Wayne, Indiana and couldn't have gotten where we are without all the wonderful people there. The Fort hasn't seen the last of us! We'll be back!

Dec '12 More Exploration

By this point, we discovered 1,001 innovative ways not to make software . . . Until somewhere around attempt 1,002 the first 1,001 really began to pay off.

We found that we just needed stuff to build on.

Sep '12 Started our Student Contributor Program

Sparked from a parent's inquiry, the Student Contributor Program began with 6 incredible high-schoolers. They each worked with our team and contributed amazing 3D modeling work to our upcoming project, and they lived to tell about it.

May'13 Teen Advisory Board Established

Honor Education is devoted to making the best games, learning software, simulations, and creation tools we can. In order to do that, we need the expertise of the people who are right in the action. The ones who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Students, the digital natives, are ready for the next step – a new challenge. Who better to say what direction it should take than the students themselves.

So we've found the analytical, the creative, the resourceful, the bright, and bold to join our Teen Advisory Board. We have built a team 17 strong . . .

Read more about our Teen Board

Jun '13 Mayan Multiplication Released!

On June 6th we released our app, Mayan Multiplication, for iPad! It's 5 math practice games - Tower of Inquiry, Marble Mayhem, HexaFactor, Chamber of Fire, and Chasm Cataclysm. The app includes customizable problem set, 3 difficulty levels, and progress tracking.

Get the details, see it in action with a video, or try it out with our free version here: More info on Mayan Multiplication

Dec '13 Improved Versions Released!

At the end of December we released a new and improved version of Mayan Multiplication for iSO and, for the first time, released for Android on Google Play.

(Left) One of the biggest advancements we made was upgrading the progress tracker to include features like the ability to email report data. Other changes included better game controls, more student profiles, and improvements to sound and music.

Read more about the Feature Set

What's next? You know we're always up to something . . . take a peek.