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"The real computer revolution hasn’t happened yet." - Alan Kay
We say, maybe it's waiting for fire and water to mix . . .

Welcome to Honor Education!

We are a team of five exploring the possibilities of purely awesome yet mischievously educational video games. As techies and gamers, we’re experimenting with traditional education, pure entertainment, and every combination of the two. We’ve taught technology classes, released an app, and now we’re on to something new.

Video games and education – we know you’re skeptical. Those who take education seriously are afraid the “fun stuff” will water down the learning. We agree. Those who take gaming seriously draw their virtual swords at the very idea of allowing education to kill the fun. We agree with this as well. Attempting to mash these two things together seems to compromise both. We propose something different, not a simple combination but instead a complete synthesis. The education must be the entertainment and the entertainment must be the education.

We know that video games are a powerful motivator. What non-gamers don’t know is that playing video games involves constant learning, albeit not particularly useful learning. Gamers thrive on increasing challenge and layer upon layer of complexity. So we ask ourselves, what if the learning in games was of real world knowledge? What if they stepped into a virtual world and when they stepped out they brought with them understanding, real skills, and powerful ideas.

In a virtual world you can do anything, anytime, anywhere. Through history and fantasy, fact and fiction, the possibilities are endless. Fortify a castle to withstand a cunning assault. Break a secret code before it’s too late. Risk your life in the uncharted west with Lewis and Clark. Journey the bloodstream as a micro-bot to eradicate a mysterious disease. Lead a colony through the perils of a deadly winter. Escape from the Tower of London. Spy for General Washington. Rescue astronauts stranded in orbit. Navigate a man-o-war across the seven seas. Rebuild a fallen world with robotics.

Underneath these adventures exists an intellectual world seldom revealed. Ideas from political and historical analysis, sociology, psychology, anthropology, archeology, economics, astronomy, algebra and calculus, anatomy and physiology, computer science, engineering, physics, chemistry and biology, all lie beneath the surface. A gaming experience where the player acquires and applies these hidden areas of knowledge would be a powerful way to change how people feel about learning. All real-life adventure requires knowledge.

The world is an amazing place. Virtual worlds can help people to discover just how amazing. True education needs motivation and video games require incredible depth – we see a perfect match. We would even be so bold as to say that gaming and learning can greatly enhance each other. With careful consideration of presentation, timing, adventure, interactions, challenge, and integration, we believe it’s possible. We certainly intend to find out.

So, we invite you to follow our endeavors as we put our ideas to the test. Explore our site and check back with us in the future! Feel free to contact us to let us know what you think.
We’d love to hear from you.

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Who are we? What's the goal? What's our angle? Are we qualified? . . .

We are explorers, creators, learners, teachers, techies, and all-around video game enthusiasts - who all coincidentally have the same last name . . .
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We know that education + fun = engagement. So we're bringing in the experts on fun, the teenagers.

We've found the analytical, the creative, the resourceful, the bright, and bold to join our Teen & Twenties Advisory Board. We have built a team 19 strong . . .


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THE JOURNEY (so far)
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THE JOURNEY (so far)

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Code monkey. Gamer. Sci-fi geek. Futurist. Mythbusters aficionado.

Yep, that's Sean. He's has a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and he is our lead programmer . . .
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We’ve taught three semesters of middle/high school technology classes ranging from game programming to 2D & 3D graphics. Have a look at the photo gallery, student work showcase videos, and details on our courses . . .
Video Games & Education


How are educators to deal with digital natives? Our students are now growing up fully immersed in technology with a hefty daily dose of video games. Is this as toxic as it seems? As digital natives ourselves, who have been recently trained as educators and technologists, we’ve been thinking about these questions.
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay